The Quarter of Palermo is one of the widest inside the City of Buenos Aires, since it is the formed one by the biggest quantity of blocas.

The classic saying ” to go to Palermo ” means to move to the biggest green lung of Buenos Aires and it is perhaps of the most important cities of the world comparable with High Park of London or famous Bois de Boulogne of Paris.


Also called “Barrio Parque”, it is exquisitely residential and exclusive. Located in the Av. Figueroa Alcorta, between Tagle and St Martin of Tours. They are a set of petit-hotels. It was designed in the year 1912 as It Barrio Parque by Don Carlos Thays. At the end of this century and beginning of the XXth installs to themselves places of diversion as the Pavilion of The Roses of come in Amendoville where Carlos Gardel sang, they were places of diversion and gallant appointments. The time modifies the customs and sceneries. The architect Thays glimpses a different Buenos Aires, with great indigenous vegetation that they propitiate the excellence of the grounds. The project of the Quarter Park fulfills his sleep of a quarter of curved and diagonal streets with environment of colors. Head offices of foreign embassies construct themselves buildings in classic and modern, great styles at present. In Palermo Chico the ends touch and run of the French Classicism of the Palace Errazuriz hast.



This place there preserves the airs of those times with the Small square Julio Cortázar, the small cut streets of short stretches and the houses of epoch identical with different colors. It is the most ancient part of the area palermitana that extends behind of Square Italy, in direction of the Southeast. Everything opposite to Palermo Chico, this portion of the quarter of Palermo was the stronghold of malevos and compadritos, of poets of the importance of Evaristo Carriego, Borges, it was a refuge of the tango in those last times in which the tango was a sin. Town Freud is called, since in him psychoanalysts have his numerous offices. It has a very particular Bohemian air that makes it interesting. Surrounded with bookstores and with very crowded restaurants during the day and especially in the night.


The highest level of the quarter is High places of Palermo. It is in the commercial center with the same name and formerly one was finding the brewery Palermo. To few blocks there is the Square Güemes, sector known as Town Freud by the character of the business that work in the surroundings. In one of the angles of the square there is erected the Basilica of the Holy Spirit, Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe, construída at the beginning of the XXth century to the Romanesque style with two towers clock and an image of the worn Virgin of Mexico. Towards the East of the High places the National Penitentiary was, today Park Heras, in a property of approximately 10 Hectares. With covering the years it transformed in a residential zone.


Towards the North for the Avenue Figueroa Alcorta The Forests of Palermo are. It is integrated, squares, parks, lakes, gardens, small mounts, clubes, by monuments and a framework of streets and avenues. Primitively the limit West was the Way of The Cañitas, (current Avenue Luis Maria Campos) today quarter of great gastronomic presence. At present they turned into a forced walk Square Italy; the Zoo; the Botanist; The Rural Society Argentina.



Our Alto Palermo’s Apartments

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