Buenos Aires, cosmopolitan and eclectic city, propouse to the visitant multiples choices in entertainment.

The center of Buenos Aires clusters around the Obelisk and contains the business and financial centers of the country plus many shops, restaurants, and movies, plus government buildings, parks and plazas, monuments and two of the biggest streets in the world. Avenida 9 de Julio is the widest and crossing it is Rivadavia, the longest street.

Plaza de Mayo is the historic heart of Buenos Aires and it witnessed most of the great historical events that made history. During the colonial period it served a double function as a public market and as a Renaissance square it had civic relevance conferred by the important public buildings, such as the Cabildo and the Cathedral.

The Mayo Avenue is the right place for meetings of intellectual, artists, politicians and journalists and it has mantained its style through the years. Its visual perspective unites Plaza de Mayo with Congress square, the two points around which national institutions revolve.

Florida pedestrian street is the ideal place to go shopping. Walking for pedestrina Florida Street you’ll fing leathers, clothing, books and paints, with very convenient prices for the tourist. You’ll amuse with theater mimes, musicians and portrait painters while you walk.

Corrientes Avenue, which has the famous Obelisco, bookstores, theaters, tango shows and other spectacles; there you will feel the large city spirit. It is very crowded during the day, but don´t miss out on walking it to shop and mix with typical porteño office workers.

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