The City of Buenos Aires breathes Tango.

City of Tango

The Tango, declared by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mankind, is a symbol of the City of Buenos Aires.

Marginal in its origins, the City grew in popularity and today its rhythm sounds in bars, tango centers, theatres, shows.

The City of Buenos Aires is also abundant in places where you can look and learn how to dance Tango. Old ball rooms, cafés or local clubs house a milonga all nights, where beginners and experts all over the world dance on the dance floor while turning anticlockwise.

At this Tango temples, you can listen to classical and modern themes: echoes of great characters like Carlos Gardel, Aníbal Troilo and Astor Piazzolla live all together with new contemporaneous styles. Different voices and harmonies giving free rein to the same fervor.

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